In-Home Private Sessions

In-Home Private Sessions

Eliminate distractions so your pup can learn effectively.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

We will meet with you online to work with you and your dog.

Board & Train

Board & Train

We'll train your dog at our farm.

Feeling frustrated?

If you're at the end of your rope dealing with a disobedient dog, you may want to look into our board-and-train program. Your dog will live with our family for a minimum of three weeks while we work on correcting unwanted behaviors.

To learn more about this professional dog training program, visit the Board & Train page.

Serving Dog Owners Within 100 Miles of Abbeville, LA

Including Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles

Make Sure Your Dog is Well-Behaved

Find out how professional dog training in Abbeville, LA can help you

A dog who refuses to obey commands can make a simple routine difficult, and it can even make interactions with your children potentially dangerous. To protect your loved ones and other dogs from harm, consider enrolling your dog in a professional dog training program in Abbeville, LA. Not only will we correct the unwanted behaviors, we will show you, the owner, how to ensure the training sticks.

An experienced dog trainer at Project K9 can work with your pet one-on-one to correct bad behaviors and reinforce good ones. Call 337-422-7999 now to find out what kind of training program would best suit your dog.

What are your end goals for your dog?

With over four years of experience of dog training, working as a Vet Tech and horse training experience, we have what it takes to work with you and your dog. Depending on your goals, we can train your puppy, adult dog or senior dog to...

Reduce aggression toward family members and strangers

Pay attention to you regardless of distractions

Stay calm in distressing situations

We're confident you'll be impressed by the results you see after working with our Abbeville, LA-based dog trainer.